Silk Clay


We have a simple vision at The Charming Man: to celebrate the traditional barbershop through an exquisite range of hair styling products. We’ve sampled a huge range of styling clays in our quest to create the best range of professional-level men’s hair styling products – none of which left us particularly impressed. That’s why we decided to take matters into our own hands.

The Charming Man’s Silk Clay takes things back to basics. We’ve created a traditional, medium-hold hair clay to give your hair a silk-like texture whilst giving you full control of your style — topped off with the light scent of Blackberry with a touch of Vanilla.

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How it works

Based on a water soluble solution, our Silk Clay is perfect for taming long, dry or frizzy hair. It’s rich and creamy texture is perfect for classic styles and mid-length quiffs, leaving your hair with a classy sleek finish. From the first scoop, you’ll notice how rich the Silk Clay is – the second thing you’ll notice is how easy it is to work through your hair. It’s perfect to give a supple feel to longer hairstyles, as well as adding character to thicker, wavy styles