Refining Cream


We’ve got through a lot of styling products in our time, and there’s nothing more frustrating than hair creams that leave your hair limp and oily. That’s why we decided to take matters into our own hands and create The Charming Man’s Refining Cream. We’ve painstakingly handpicked the best ingredients to create a wholesome hair cream that will hold your style whilst giving you a natural look that will last all day.

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How it works

Our Refining Cream consists of a soft, thick yet lightweight formula which is designed to be used on any type of hair. It’s based on a water soluble solution which makes it brilliantly pliable, giving you the freedom to re-work your hairstyle throughout the day. Simply work a peanut sized amount of cream into your palm and mould your hair into your desired style. Not content with making sure you look great, we’ve added light tones of Morello Cherry and Almonds to make sure your hair smells great too.